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P reg Astra 1.6 estate for disposal

Apr 11, 2021
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I have a P reg (1997) 1.6 Vauxhall Astra Estate for disposal, here in Glasgow.

This was my father's car, who is now too old to drive, so I ran it for the last few years alongside my own car, a slightly later Astra.

The MOT expired in Dec 2020 and it has 97k miles on the clock. I would describe it as tatty but complete. It has some non-structural corrosion underneath below the rear bootlid; has had a good solid weld to the front engine subframe, a weld to one of the rear suspension "saddles" and the exhaust blows slightly. The main reason I have not kept running it is that the clutch release bearing is failing. A competent mechanic with the right facilities could repair that. I've attached a couple of pictures. I have its full service history. Presently I have it in store undercover but will need to release the space before long.

As it's getting old enough to be "interesting" and I am sure these are now getting thin on the ground (especially estates), I haven't scrapped it yet.

Might be of interest as a restoration project or for parts for someone working on a project.

Price c £150


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