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paypal refunds

Jul 31, 2007
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does anyone know how fast a refund gets back to your bank account?

i bought a welder off ebay, but they werent in stock, so the seller refunded my money. I then bought another one the same day , and thats arrived. however, payment for both welders has gone out of my bank account!

on paypal , it says the first transaction was refunded,,,
Had this issue the other day it took 2 days to be put back in my account after it said refunded/completed. Paypal states it can take 28 days!
yeah i finally got through to a real person on the phone at paypal, she said because the refund was on the same day as the sale, the money hadnt been transferred from the bank to paypal yet.
So now i have to wait until paypal gets the money, then they're going to send the money back to the bank! Should be mine again on the 22nd :lol:
Makes me laugh how they take it of your account immediatley but can make you wait to refund it.
little update, paypal didnt put the money into my bank account, it went into my paypal account:mad::mad:

so another 2 day wait f or my money!!
i'ts just so paypal can earn a little more interest on money that isn't theirs!

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