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PC PAT LANGLEY South Yorkshire worst traffic cop

1st one the artic certainly was at fault.

HGV's are not allowed in lane 3, and where did the accident take place? Also it shouldn't be hard to spot an upcoming car with it's headlights flashing.

The second one is just a **** bit of luck really, and he did well not to take anything else out.
to me in the first clip it looks like he should of had both his blues and twos on and headlights going. Also the road was ending in 1/2 mile so the lorry was getting his turning ready and no way you can see a car doing 130mph in a articultaed lorry. I have the greatest respect for lorry drivers.

Police are trained to watch out for drivers and to take avasive action when required. Its in there job description. The lorry clearly had his right indicator on and the hard sholuder lane1 and lane 2 would have been clear but the pc clearly went for a gap that wasnt there. Only one winner and you should always give a lorry a wide birth. Clearly he would have a lot of explaining to do.

No driver is perfect but police drivers have to be especially when they are doing 130mph and going for gaps that aint there.

Just look at the incident with hayley adamson. Police car knocked her over at 90mph with no lights or sirens on. He only got 3 years for it. Bloody disgrace. One rule for them and another rule for us. Its bloody shocking!

Police 0 hgv 1
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Artic was 'getting ready' ?

Hands up who gets ready for a lane to end by moving in to it? Don't think you will find many. He was in a lane he is legally not allowed to be in, there's no discussion there.

I agree he probably should have had the blue lights on, although given he was on a near empty stretch of road, it's easy to see why he didn't.

Adamson is a different kettle of fish, copper was truly in the wrong and got of far too lightly.

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