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Phase 2 Sport Wheels

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Jun 8, 2005
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Am putting my wheels up for sale due to a possible upgrade to some 16" Multispokes very soon.

Have had these on the car for about 2 months, and have loved them long time! lol

15" Astra Sport wheels (ET46) (8 spoke) with 195/50/R15 tyres. None are of any fabulous make, but all are in fairly good shape. No crakcs to side walls etc.

The wheels were previously fitted to a Corsa, so the ones i'm running as my rears have some stronger wear to the inner walls. These are a definite MOT pass, and have lasted me over 2k with very very little noticeable wear. Fronts have 3-4mm.

All centre caps are present!

I will be honest, these wheels have some small blemishes from where they have been re-finished in the past. One of them has a slight curbing that would be repairable were they to be re-finished.

These wheels really need to go within the next week, so I am offering them for £150 delivered within 50 miles of Birmingham.

£130 collected, or will meet at a services like Frankley on the M5, or Hopwood on the M6.

Can bring to Billing/Max Live - but will need a deposit ASAP.

PM me if you're genuinely interested.
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