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pics of my 3.0 v6 astra mk3 cabby

Feb 24, 2010
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woooow that nice , i,m liking the mod on the back bumper mate
thanks. i have so many more ideas and plans 4 it. gotta get it done by june, cant wait lol
looks really nice mate, not too keen on the alloys though!
I saw you the other day near Parklands in Oadby, was in Multipla, you probably thought I was a bit weird, the car needed a bit of a clean
love that, thats the third mint cabby in that colour on the forum, im VERY jealous
i was gonna change the wheels but then they grew on me after i polished them. i took the pics 2day be4 i gave her a good polish, its a total dif car when gleeeeeming.
Nice looking car mate, await the engine bay shots.
Personal opinion would be to fit an internal boot release so you can smooth the boot completly.
seen this on swapz a few times, the rims put me off it thats about it like
I nearly bidded on this on Ebay untill i see there was 2 listings for the same car but in different places. Thought it was abit fishy......

Glad it wasnt and its a nice car apart from the wheels.
Ok i'v decided that new wheels are a must. jus need to find the rite 1's. whatever style they may be do ya reckon shiney chrome or just standard alloy???
Engine pics to follow
i'v not done anything under the hood yet but i am soon to get me mitts in there.

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