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Pineapple Yellow Sport

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Aug 2, 2005
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Portsmouth, Hampshire
Vauxhall Astra Sport 5dr Hatch Pineapple Yellow

1.8 16V Ecotec
Jetex panel filter
Full Twin 3� Round Sportex system
Custom Paint Job on Rocker Cover
Proven 145bhp

Front: Standard with Blue Painted Calipers
Rear: EBC Handbrake Shoes
EBC Greenstuff Pads
Pagid Grooved Discs
Blue Painted Calipers
Powder Coated Black Back Plate

PowerFlex Rear Torsion Beam Bushes
Powerflex Anti-Roll Bar Bushes
Rear Springs Powder Coated Blue
Inner Rear Anti-Roll Bar Powder Coated Blue

Standard Vauxhall Astra Sport 8 Spoke Alloy Wheels 15" with 195/55/15 tyres.

Citroen Xsara VTS Indicator Bulbs
Chrome Gas Bonnet Struts
Holden Rear Badge
Renault Sport Badges on Side Trims
16v Badges on Front and Rear from Saxo VTS
Short Chrome Ariel Mast
Window Tints 35% All Round
Fully under sealed in Smooth Black Hammerite
Powder Coated Black Rear Torsion Beam

LED Blue bulb conversion
Blue LED Foot well Lights
Silver tax disc holder
Anodised Blue Cigar Lighter
Electric Sunroof Conversion
Chrome Astra 16v Sill Protectors
Sparco Alloy Pedal Covers

Pioneer TSE 1795 Speakers - Rear
Phoenix Gold Cabling

Toad Ai606 – Cat 1
Standard Vauxhall Alarm
Standard Vauxhall Immobiliser – Cat 2

£800 no offers

Would sell as standard as well.
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still for sale, also on ebay
still for sale although someone does want it but not 100% yet.

Vauxhall Astra Sport Mk3 1.8 16v 5dr Hatchback in Pineapple Yellow.

Mileage is just under 120000 but doesn't drive like that, has had full top end engine rebuild in last couple of years including fully recon head, useing only genuine vauxhall parts. (this wasn't due to engine fault but just manifold stud snapping in head).

I've done over 20 oil/filter changes in the 4/5 years i've owned her, useing only genuine vauxhall parts. Proven 146bhp on rolling road, with very healthy torque curve.

Timing belts has been all changed, again using gen vxl parts (if you havn't guessed by now i only use genuine parts).

MOT June 2006, No Tax.

The car is not standard, the windows are tinted (if you does like this it's not hard to remove, i'll show you how). Also a few other bits that i won't have time to remove.
The car comes with an insurance approved Cat 1 Alarm/Immobilizer fitted, as well as the standard vauxhall alarm/immobilizer.

The rear brake section has been completely rebuilt including powdercoated beam, backing plates and anti roll bar. The rear beam is also polybushed completely. The brake discs are grooved versions and the pads are green stuff pads. The handbrake shoes are green stuff as well. The parts alone for the rear section is over £350.

I have tons and tons of service history with this vehicle, if it needed it, i bought it, sometimes i replaced items just for the hell of it.

I could write tons more but cant be assedim tired,, so any questions feel free to ask.

Also don't be scared of the insurance, its very good on the 1.8 16v sport model, not high at all.

This car has never let me down once, i'm only selling as i've Mk1 astra's to drive old school.

You are more than welcome to come see the car but cannot drive it as there is no tax.

Pictures on request (when i take them)
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