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please post up pics of your front end with gsi bumper

the bottom slat on my grille needs sorting as it is warped but here yer go >

go for a rieger grill. looks better than anything else and saves you having to get it bad boy'd
dogsy said:
go for a rieger grill. looks better than anything else and saves you having to get it bad boy'd

Hmm I don't agree that rieger grill looks better than anything else..

I heard the fitment is bad with the rieger grills is that true ? and at £ 91 with vat and p+p compared with a gsi grill at £23 with vat and p+p it makes you think twice..
two very nice astras there^^
jimbo did you just buy normal angel eyes and spray the insides black?
my personal fav is the smooth gsi grill.looks great.dont think the open mouth style looks good.
the rieger grill will fit perfectly - if the person fitting it does it properly. if you sit it in place and spend 2 minutes with the sikaflex then yes its a bad fit. if you spend an hour or 2 trimming and shaping and getting the fit you want then its a perfect fit.



first 2 pics of rieger grills i came to on my pc. the bottom 1 was fitted in a bodyshop - fits perfect
top 1 is my car and was fitted by me in half an hour - fits perfect

yes its more expensive, but then its different to all the other gsi grilles out there. also by the time you've had a bonnet extension fitted, smoothed, and resprayed the bonnet your talking £150 so the grill is a saving.
Azev A i think there called, and there a funny offset (ET15 front / ET13 rear i think)
dogsy your convincing me to get a rieger grill :) I never got one as people told me the fitting is bad but it do look good when the gap along the top is of equal distance..

Hers a pic of the bonnet extension and debaged gsi grill ..


^^ I think it looks better with out the bonnet extension and just a debaged gsi grill..

But if your getting the bonnet bad boyed I would keep the v grille and mesh it or slat it see pics below, looks much better.

if your getting a bonnet extension, please dont waste money on a fibreglass stick on 1 - it'll crack and warp within 6 months. pay the extra and get the bonnet extended with metal. a decent bodyshop will charge you an extra £30 or £40 to make a metal 1 - about the same cost as the fibreglass 1.

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