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Polished Cav/Calibra turbo wheels

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Oct 2, 2007
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Hi im selling my polished wheels as im upgrading my brakes and they wont fit inside these wheels unfortnatly as i really like these.

They have 4 brand new Toyo proxes T1R tires which are 195/45/16.

They are in immaculate condition but one wheel does have a very small mark on the outer lip from where a screw went through the side wall on the old tires.

They have opel centre caps fitted which were very expensive and hard to get hold off.

They arnt the tires fitting that are in the pic as i dont have any upto date pics but can on reqest.

Im after £400 for them as the new tires and condition are both immaculate.

Maybe do a deal with a set of 17" 5 stud wheels (astra SRI/Coupe wheels etc)
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