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Possible Headgasket - Temperature Steady???

Feb 20, 2008
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Went to look at another cabby yesterday and as the seller failed to mention a few things, I didn't buy it,
the main issue was the sludge/mayo in the oil, it was very sludgy on the stick, and the oil cap had it on it on too, there was also very little water left in the water tank,
Now I thought that if the headgasket had gone, the temperature always sky-rocketed, we had it running for 25 minutes and the highest it got was 95 degrees, the seller said it didn't use a lot of water, so was wondering if there was another possible cause?

Only reason I ask is he says I can have it for £150 if it doesn't sell and I can't see anyone turning up having paid £400+ on ebay for it and then handing over the cash, so I may still have it, but is the headgasket gone???
Ive had a 1.4 8v and a 1.6 8v both of which always had mayo under the filler... didnt seem to use any water though but always thought the gasket was on its way. They both ran perfect for years until sold on.

Did the white smoke at the exhaust clear after warmed up? Is there high pressure in the hoses? these could be other things to watch out for
Wasn't any smoke at all, it was dark but no white/blue/black smoke, didn't look at the hoses...
8v engines get meyo on the filler cap with out headgasket going if thee have been stood for a while and also condensation in the cam cover leads to a mayo cap ive had a 1.2 8v corsa 1.4 8v also a 1.6 8v astra all with mayo on the filler cap its mayo on the dip stick to look out for with these engines also oil pools onto off the water in the header tank, if it pulls strong doesent hessitate it's a bargon for £150 8v engines are ten a penny in brakers yards headgaskets set's with new strech bolts are about £38 tops and cam belt is about 7quid or a 2nd hand engine from a brakers yard will be around 80 - 90 quid, i wouldent worry too much about the engine i would worry more about the cabbys roof leaking and ruster arches ect,
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as said it doesnt mean the headgasket has gone, if i use my car for short journeys for a week or so i get abit of mayo on oil cap but a long run clears it, its just condensation from where its been stood or hasnt had time to warm up and burn off the condensation.
ive just replace the head gasket on my cabby 1.6 8v for 45quid including bolts, mine was using water be lucky 1litre a week, i had the smallest amount of water on the dipstick but nothing on the cap, nowt in the bottle, always sat at 90degrees tops when running, but now its all changed doesnt move any higher than top of the blue, other things to look at are the oil breathers one is located down the back of the engine and theres a metal filter in the top of the rocker cover

personal krow if you get it change the head gasket straight away as mine takes longer than 25 minutes to hit 95 u be lucky if its out the blue by then
if its been stood a while it can build up, my new astra has been stood a while and had mayonaise in the cap, but doesnt use coolant, and after cleaning the plugs up doesn't miss on starting up now either (the latter worried me a bit). If there is water in the bottle there shouldnt be any pressure in it with a cold engine, also a misfire on start up is a sign.
It's £200 buy-it-now, and the roof is minty fresh but I don't want to risk driving it back, it does need a new cill, and a new wing, and theres is heavy knocking in the nearside suspension, but the rest is reasonable, the passenger sill is as good as new and the passenger wing is also in amazingly good nick, MOT runs out next week, tax runs out this month, tempted but its a bit risky

EDit: It's been stood for 2 weeks, mine was stood for over a year, and although there was a small amount of mayo on the oil cap, there wasn't any on the dip stick, same enigne...
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