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Post pics of your mk3 Astra....

Jun 8, 2005
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To start things off in here...Post a couple pics of your Astra mk3.... 8)

I would post but i got a Cavalier Gsi but possibly a Astra Gsi Turbo soon aswel :wink:

ps. The Astra Gsi in my avatar is my mates old one.
Heres one of mine :)

Add more later when i pull off some pics i have taken today

lewism said:
I need to get me a digital camera first :(

Where in Scotland are ya ? If your close i can take pics for you :wink:

BTW Astra is looking good Paul
Down in Fife, Bit far. ill borrow my firends as soon as i can tho.

Very nice astras on the other hand :beer:
Got theses babys through the post yesterday, just waitin for my springs and smoked led side repeaters


Plus wheel refurb and fresh toyo tyres :D
lewism said:
Down in Fife, Bit far. ill borrow my firends as soon as i can tho.

Very nice astras on the other hand :beer:

You ever at Knockhill?

Brakes look good aswel Paul :beer:

Reece stunning astra i want. :D
love that car Reece!

Im wanting my wheels that colour but think im gonna find it hard getting hold of paint for it. prob end up going black black or sticking with silver, just cant make my mind up and im doing them this weekend! lol
Reece - what size is that exhaust? I'm looking to getting the sportex twin 3" slash one ...Though with standard bumper, if it's like that it'll look weird.
its a powerflow twin 4.5" slash cut, came on the car when i got it. replacing it soon with a magnex 6x4 oval or single 4"
I will get pics of mine up in the next few weeks, need to get the engine in and running first (20SEH)

Bob :)
Can't get no pictures of mine yet cause I'm still waiting for it to be finished :roll: :( :cry:

Paul thats come along really well mate :D You've managed to get all that done in the time its taken mine for a few body touch ups, a re-spray and an engine :o

Reece thats proper sweet mate :D Had a good butchers at it at PV 8) Whats your powerflow exhaust like? Or is that why your getting a new one?

Here's my baby. CD trim level, standard C20NE engine, simply with a Courtenay Panel filter and a Peco backbox (not the rusty sportex in the pic). Lowered 40mm, Bilstein Black shocks, Cavavlier rear disc hubs, Vectra rear calipers and pads, V6 288 front discs/ pads/ calipers. Cav SRi 15" wheels. Mk3 Astra GSi seatage and rear lights, facelift spoiler, rest of interior from an Astra 'Artic' (all black). Smoked side repeaters. Vaux remote locking kit, headlight protectors and velour mats. VW veriable intermittant wiper delay relay. :D
Custom grill with washers? Lol, ph2 grill with ph1 headlight :?: ;)

Where did you get the Magnum seats from? I can't find them anywhere!!
Like it :D
car now has angel eyes grill is for better air flow to the rad courtenay can get these seats they are kevlar very light but very expensive so i hear where in the car when i bought it.

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