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Powerflow Stainless Steel Duplex Exhaust

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Id of had that if didnt have to buy a new suspension kit :( my zorst is shagged
I'm presuming this won't work on a cat'd car?
Sold anyway :lol:
No, I spoke to Alex today and he said he'd sold it, I bought Waynes cabby backbox though, along with a carlton GSi spoiler and yet another bonnet :lol:
hows the cabby coming along?

Slowly, very slowly, but I'm going round to Waynes on wednesday, to pick up a rear bumper (not the 200TS), and a steering rack, and maybe the passenger door, not sure yet, and buying neals front bumper, hopefully get the steering rack fitted thursday night, get it welded next week, then I've just got to strip it, choose a colour, get everything prepped for painting and paint, starting top frustrate me, having a convertible but not being to take it out, just about to check on your progress
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