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problems fitting a rear door

Jun 6, 2009
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Oswestry, Shropshire
I've finally got around to fitting the new door I got, to replace the accident damaged one that was on. The problem is, the hinges don't line up!
One hinge will fit, while the other one wont. Yet the old door will go on no problem. Does anyone know if the doors from petrol models are different to those on a diesel?
The door came off a car, the same year as mine, same model , except it was a petrol

And is there anything I can do, shy of angle grinding the hinge on the car (something i dont want to do if i can help it
There is no difference between the doors on petrol to diesel. As above maybe the pillar or hindges have moved slightly in the accident, sometimes it doesnt have to be visable to of created movement on them. Also the hinges are welded on arent they? So sometimes they can be different
I was talking to a few people in work and as above have come to the conclusion that there might be a hint of pillar damage, that is approx 1 -2mm difference, which is preventing the door from sitting properly. Its currently raining, but hopefully this weekend comming I will be seeing one of my friends who is going to assist. We may get a dremel out and adjust the hinge on the door some. Yeah the hinges are welded on, but I wouldn't have thought that there will be much if any difference, since everything is welded using a jig. Sorry Reno, the only pics I have are of when I took the door off, not of the difference in the hinges, since I got upset with it and gave up, plus i was struggling on my own, which didn't help
pics would be great mate but you can adjust them slightly with a pry bar or hitting not to crazy with a lump hammer. just got bit by bit slowly as I've done it on a porsche in work before just trial and error mate
Just get a piece of wood and a lump hammer and gently persuade it to move :lol:
as above hit it with a copper ended hammer or wood and hammer

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