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rear disc conversion????

Jul 4, 2009
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heya guys! . had some problems with my astra Mk3 1.6 rear brake drums to the point where i want to chuck an anvil on the car:o . im now seriously thinking about disc conversion as iv heard its easy . now im going to a few scraccys tomorrow and basicly know what make and modle cars i can get the bits from . i.e hubs/calipers .caliper mounts ect .. i know il have to buy new pads ,discs and a gsi cable if im correct? so yeah just what modles and years would be great ..

also if any 1 got these bit let me know :D im close to exeter DT7

iv got the bits mate with drilled and grooved disks, been sat a while so a little scabby.

£40 collected from ST14?

cool mate what exactly have you got the whole convertion?
You'll need the hub, backplate, calliper, pad carrier, sport/gsi handbrake cable, the cable brackets and obviously the disks and pads.

aye i know cheers mate all i really need to know is what modle car i can rob at the scrappy:laugh: . mk? year? cavalier, astra, vectra etc
When I replaced my rear beam due to someone hitting my car and bending my old beam, I replaced it with the rear beam with discs from a 1.8 sport. It might be easier to replace the whole beam as it is 4 bolts and then the brake pipes to sort out. You will need, the hubs, discs, calipers and carriers as well as the handbrake cable if you can get it and probably the pips and handbrake cable clips. That is if you where to get the bits seperatly.

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