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Rear shocks - problems

Mar 21, 2009
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Hello people, this is my first post here (I think lol)

Today I attempted what should have been the straight forward job of replacing my rear shocks.

First problem was I couldn't get a good enough grip of the top of the shock to be able to turn the top nut. First I tried an adjustable spanner as advised in the Haynes manual, this just started to chew it up when I turned the nut. Then I changed to the biggest set of mole grips I have, these also couldn't grip it enough, then tried heat on it, but again no luck. Last resort I got an angle grinder out. I chopped though the rubber between the top mount and the top washer, but looking at the end result it looks like I have also cut through a spacer (collar type washer) is this correct? If so there's not another one with the new shock :S Also how the hell are you meant to hold the shock without chewing up the top of it?

Second issue is the bolt at the bottom of the shock started to undo with the use of a breaker bar and came out about 5mm before it sheared off, grrr!
In hinds sight I should have covered it in WD40. The piece of bolt that sheared off is almost as long as the bottom shock, but not quite, meaning I can't get the old shock out. Any ideas how to get the shock out and then the remaining bit of bolt - don't fancy my chances judging by the force needed to turn it before it snapped!

Finally, there is only two rubbers with my new shock and these look like they are for the top mount. Where can I get the bottom ones from?


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Jul 25, 2007
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Feb 25, 2008
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As mentioned above, but would like to add, as the shock coming off are no good, pull down the plastic gaiter and put some mole grips direct on the shock piston rod.
As for the stuck/snapped bolt try as mentioned but the more heat you can get on it the better, so beg borrow steal a decent blow torch, last resort is drill out and retap.

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