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reiger infinity1 front bumper astra mk3

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Jul 6, 2005
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London S.E
have a modified reiger infinity 1 front bumper for sale! its got the wide mouth opening and a port for a cold air feed pipe! it also has mesh to cover the holes! it has the fog light holes as well and fog lights can be supplied with bumper! its sprayed a met purple colour!
Its been on my car for about 3 months and im selling it due to my car being too low and it scraping the speed bumps around my area!

ok the bad points...... as i said due to the car being lowered too much, i cracked the bottom of the bumper, but this is easily repairable! (its not noticeable looking at it from the front!)
The bumper is still on the car at the moment while i source another bumper!


Im looking for £250 with the fogs! Must be collection only from S E London!
ok, will accept £220 with fog lights or £180 without fogs!
**new pics** Now off car so ready for pic up!!

here are thwe cracked bits...thanks to speed bumps!
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