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Removing Standard Stereo, Speakers

Jun 13, 2005
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Need help on how to remove the crappy blaupunkt cassette from my car.

Also, any1 upgraded to new front speakers (17cm components) in the same location as the standard speakers?? as I'm looking to do this, as well as fit new rear 6x9s where the current rear standard grey plastic speakers are. need some info on how to do this

Not sure 100% on removing stereo. someone else will tell you about that.

Front speakers are easy to remove, 3 + screw heads and plug on back. You can remove them by removing the door panels, or maybe reach it by removing the grill surround.

I dont think your fit 6x9's in the rear side trim where the standard rear speakers are.. 6x9's are to big i believe.

to remove the standard stereo you need to remove the 4 small grub screws from the holes in the front of the stereo. these are allen screws and small as hell. once these are out you need a pair of radio removal pins (about £3 from motor factors) insert them in the holes and pull them away from eachother and away from the dash - the stereo should now slide out. to get the cage out undo the nut at the back of the cage (if it has 1) and lift up all the tabs that run round the inside lip at the front of the cage. if it doesnt have tabs then you will need to bend the cage slightly so it slides out. lastly unplug the wiring from the back of the cage.

6x9's wont go near the rear speaker locations as the origional speakers in there are small (about 4.5") round speakers.
If your interested i can supply the front speaker adapter kit if you need one. I work for a car audio centre and we stock all the range of Autoleads adapters etc that you need.

If your or anyone is interested take a look at our online eBay shop at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/thompsons-ltd we are a proper company. Anyway if you would like prices drop me an email to danny@audiolectrics.co.uk and i will see what i can do for you guys.

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