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Seriously loosing fuel!!! Help!!

Dec 4, 2006
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ok so we all know that these redtop engines can be thirsty....

but when i get in my car the next day after having half a tank, it goes to a quarter!!!!

i know the gauges are poor and too sensitive, but this is daft.

IT WAS ORIGINALLY AN ASTRA MERIT 1.4= they dont have a return pipe to the tank....does the gsi? as it went from spi to mpi....

if i go round a corner at speed, or give it a blast on the throttle, i can sometime SMELL petrol.....

ive checked the driveway.....no petrol.....
ive checked the hole where the pump goes into tank....no leaks....


ive got the original ecu back on so no "super" chip or anything over fueling....

the sparkplugs/leads/dizzy/coil/fuel filter/fuel pumps have all been replaced and are working fine.....

any ideas all welcome....

as this costs me stupdi amounts of money just to drive 10 mins down the road! might aswell have got a solid gold astra...would be cheaper lol

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can you smell petrol when running at idle?
Are the return hoses in good nick and not perished?
fuel pump and fuel filter ok?
Hang on a minute, there has to be a return of some sort, even if it's just fuel ****ing out of the unconnected end of the fuel rail :lol:

Just looked in the EPC, and the 1.4 SPi does have a return.

How sure are you that you've got the fuel lines round the right way? The return goes to the end with the FPR on.
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I think your gauge is dodgy as you would see a leak if it was losing as much as the gauge says? The smell could be the start of a fuel tank leak, mine stank for weeks before i traced the leak to the tank.
Single point do have a return. If your return was the wrong way around, it wouldnt start. Mine didnt when i converted it to MPi. Because the fuel cant get past the FPR.

When petrol leaks, it tends to leave a stain on the metal. Keep an eye out.

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