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show us your sound

Apr 20, 2009
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right im after a new exhaust system but dont no wot one to go 4 so im after some help i basicaly want to no wot systems ppl got and wot thy sound like 4 a ref so i no were im goin and wot sort of sound to expect
well no vids yet but i have a scorpion catback with decat, nice and quiet round town but you get a low deep roar when you boot it just right in my opinion
sportex racetube an a twin exit :thumb:
Cheers mate, new one will sound similar, maybe abit deeper and with abit more of a burble/popping at tickover with my plans :nod::cool:
ive gotta 2 1/4 inch stainless custom exhaust, 2 silencers and de- catted, too loud IMO
3" with 200 cell sports cat and one silencer

have since got another silencer put in and its a bit quieter :nod:

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