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Sony X-Plod Cd Headunit 4 Swapz

Mar 6, 2010
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Bournemouth & Aldershot
Hi I have a nearly new Sony X-plod Cd Headunit from a mate at work I have a pic I can put up as soon as I get back to Bournemouth as its on my home pc.

As far as I can remember the spec is:

4 x 50w
1 pre-out
Changer control (no changer with it)
Comes with wiring etc

It's in as new condition and just sat around as I got my Kenwood in the Astra which I prefer.

I need a few bits for my car so any offers for swaps would be good:

15 / 16" alloys
Twin Square exit backbox suitable for 1.4 spi ('94)
Gsi Bonnet
Black interior bits

Or what you got???

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