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sounded deadening - on the cheap


Jan 1, 2006
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What is it that people use for cheap sound deadening? Can't seem to find anything on the b&q website? i thought it was some kind of loft insulation?
thats the one i was after, cheers :beer:

Just found it on their site, now i need to know which thickness i need/should get :lol::doh:
for sound deadening, surely not?

yeah.. check the talkaudio forums, you'll find many people use it as a cheap alternative. you can buy 10m of the stuff for a fraction of the price proper stuff is. its obviously not going to be as good but it does help
i must be looking at the wrong stuff, its all 100mm/150mm x 10m :lol::lol:

No idea how heavy its gonna be, dont really care tbh can't see it making a huge difference
:lol::lol: honestly thought that was the thickness ha ha :doh::doh:

gonna go get some tomorrow if i can be arsed to get up early enough!
may sound a bit thick but what does this actually do??
does it stop the road noises getting through to the inside of the car??

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