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South East chit-chat.


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Mar 19, 2007
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I think it's about time we got one of these.

Think of it as a random chat thread where we can talk about anything. From the region which is South East, to cars, to the state of the economy, or just how your day went.

I'll start.....

What are you doing right this moment (other then reading this lol)?

I'm just finishing my dinner and watching Family guy.
I'm having my breakfast and thinking about porn
Evenin astra hidz !

ive just polished the sport...yes polished the sport :lol: stated at 8 PM and just sat down.eaten a pack of rolo yougut thingys :) now want more.....

badgerin the missus for some hows ya father now ;)
thinking about my V6 and how annoying it is that i cant do anything to my car until ive got it in :doh:
Well hurry up and get it in therre then :lol:

still thinkin about foooooooooooood
Ummmmm beer :) should of got some whilst in tesco just now! "doh"
i cant wait mate but its just so tight atm that the money i have for it is just sitting there lying in wait for work to pick up
Would love to V6 mine but doubt ill do it.

looks like it will be throttle bodys or a early xe and tb's ...
Im reading this thread :) lol.... and just dossing, as i want to go out, but cant as no petrol :(
pmsl, whats walking????

Ive just updated my thingy diary with a few pics :)
Ok lol just got back from the pub where i work. went for a quik look at the a217 to see some decent racing lol. and am now on my fourth bag of quavers!

I wanna buy a newer 1.4i got about 1k to spend. wat is the best standard model?
is it the GLS?

thanx buds
GSi is the best one lol

Why do you want a new one for?
Yes the well known 1.4i gsi lol

There is too much wrong with my 1992 1.4 ls its got to the point where ive replaced so many parts i shold be able to sell it for like 600-500 quid and my girlfriend/parents gave me birthday money to make that up to 1K. so id rather upgrade a little.

So is gls the best 1.4i or nah!

cheers bud
yeh but if u upgrade, to another one... you might have all them probs over again.... and would be a complete waste of time.... stick with what you got... if you spent alot on it... least you know its not gonna go wrong :)
hmmm maybe. it just has so many imperfections that annoy me. a lot of scratches and rust underneath. i just wanna start a fresh. id take all the good stuff off it. kit etc..

but u do have a point. ill see what comes up. if u see ne really nice 1.4s gimme a shout. how did u get insuranceon your gsi agen?

cheers bud lol

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