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Spares day stuff i can bring.

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Dec 10, 2007
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Hemel Hempstead
Full rear beam off a GSI polly bushed also comes with Koni Adjustables sold :/

Beam needs a good clean and brake pads might need replacing, has usual surface rust.



GSI mfd & stalk also with a little loom. £15


One bulb will need replacing, current bulb is blue.

Undertray £5


Sportex Race Tube, this is a center section with no silencer will bolt onto any mk3 CAT/DE-CAT it has a 2 inch bore £30

The tube has a little surface rust but nothing serious, no pics at mo but if u need some let me know.

Can bring it all to spares day.
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Lee, the Beam, what are the Koni's like?
Then Sir, I shall take it, as I can then then hopefully flog my non-assembled item, £45??
no lower than 50 its a steel as it is, u could prolly sell the bushes on there own for £20

Ok, no problem, chuck in a bacon bap too?? :lol:
lol u mean u buy me a bap ? sure. :)

so u want me to bring this on sunday mate ?

Cheeky beggar!

Yes if thats ok, got the works van so can fit it in no problem!
Cheers, I have a 1994 3 door hatch 1.6 mpi, any idea if it will fit?
Let me have your number, if I can't sort it tomorrow, I'll sort it to have it sunday.
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