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spark plug colour

good old haynes manual says that clean and white with no deposits is a sign of a weak mixture or too hot a plug. If tip and insulator nose is covered with hard black-looking deposits then mixture is too rich. If plugs are black and oily then it is likely the engine is fairly worn as well as mixture being too rich. They should be covered with a light tan / greyish brown deposit. Hope that helps =D
Only thing i can see wrong is your missing a plug.
they were causing the eml to flash,i put the old plugs back in and the problem went away.old plugs were browny colour just wondered what would cause the white
he got a 3 cyl eco wreck in there ? :)

White = Burn Muxture too lean or gaps too wide
Brown = Good mixture and plug gap settings
Black = Too rich, burning oil, sign of possible oil scrapper damage.

nah its a c20xe mate,its proably been the gap then :doh: when i gave the motor factor the car details i just figured they were the ones for the car and never checked the gap.

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