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Stereo help

Dec 16, 2023
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I've tried to fit my JVC KD-X262 stereo into my mk3. However, no matter what combination of red-red, yellow-yellow wires etc that I use, the stereo won't get a constant live and turns on and off with the ignition whereas in my previous car it was totally separate. It's not the biggest issue but is quite inconvenient as it means I have to start the car, cancel the demo on the stereo then setup my music then go. Any ideas? Cheers

IMG_6292 Wiring connection.jpgIMG_6291 Harness diagram.jpg
i had this on a pioneer years ago, i used a multimeter to check the car loom and find the permanent live and the switched live. i then used the pioneer wiring diagram to find the two lives then matched the car to the stereo. im sure on another pioneer i switched the two lives over each other to get it to work correctly. i had what you are describing with your jvc so im sure its a switched / permanent live issue.

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