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swapping my seats advise needed


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Jul 17, 2005
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due to a crash last year ive a bad back and the drivers seat in my mk3 sport is really not comfy so it needs to go!

im looking into a few different options, these are -

1. Mk4 sxi seats in the front
2. Mk4 GSI recaros
3. Vectra GSI front seats
4. Mk3 CDX whole interiour

the easyest will be the last one as its a straight swap but thats boring lol ::)

so will there be much difficulty in adding mk4 seats in the front rather than the ones i have now?

any advise wil help


thought about cally/cav leather? only have to swap the front subframes over. and if you put them in the rear think you only have to have rear seat bracket made up to hold them in the middle...
i did but bit common tbh
personally i'd go the leather route (actually i just have)

it may be common but it looks the nicest out of all the above, and apart from the back seats its also the easiest to fit.

i had a look at the front subframes on the mk4 and they dont look like a close fit to the mk3, although you may be able to unbolt the actual chair from the subframe and swap it that way ??

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