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Apr 10, 2008
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I won a set of brand new lifters off ebay a while ago. Is there any way of telling if they're a genuine or pattern part? They look pretty decent quality but I'm not sure.

I'm also not sure if I should fit them or not, tappets in mine are quiet as anything, but these are brand new so not sure on what to do.
If you are not having tappet problems leave them alone.
Personally with what i've seen over the last few years I wouldn't use INA anymore, I use BGA at under 1/2 the price that work perfect, old ones can be cleaned out anyway, so long as spring is not broken and seat not scored then will be fine.
Cool. So whats the process of taking them out and refitting? It's a while since I did any. The bit I do remember is lining up the holes in the head and an the tappet though
agreed if there ok dont touch them there a swine.
Piece of **** to do, I bought a proper tool from laser, that got thrown on the bin as it was crap.
I did mine easy enough, take plugs out so engines is easy to turn over, put in gear, move car so that the lobe is pointing directly upwards, use a big screwdriver or lever to lever down the valve spring cup on that lobe, pull out finger lever/rocker arm, remove tappet, compress spring put finger arm back in, repeat another 7 times, use the cam as a lever point but don't mark the cam, I actually made my own curved lever to do it, it hooks under the cam either side of the lobe, pushes the valve spring down, about 18" long can easily hold with one hand, whilst doing the bizz with the other.
No lining up needed, just put in as they are, but lube them first.
if your doing it andy do the lot. Gen lifters are like £180
if your doing it andy do the lot. Gen lifters are like £180

Jesus are they really that much!!
I used to pay £70 for 16 tappets for my cossie INA ones, but still no good imo, now use BGA ones and been perfect.

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