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Team Dynamics Monza's - 16" - Great Tyres!

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Jun 8, 2005
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Howdy Guy's:

I have recently bought these wheels but have decided to sell them on as I need the cash more than I need a big set of rims...lol

They are Team Dynamics Monza's, 16", 4x100PCD, ET38/40 in white. All with very good tyres - 205/55/16's, 2 are Bridgestone's, 2 are Pirelli's.

Unfortunately, due to a complete f()cking ****** by the name of 'Bodster' - 2 of the wheels are slightly buckled. I had all 4 wheels re-balanced last weekend, and the only shake that you can feel is between 60-65mph - up to, and after that speed you feel absolutely nothing - this is with the wheels on the rear. I shall make sure that they are marked before delivery/collection for your own reference.
All tyres have AT LEAST 5mm on them - more than that off the top of my head.
The offset may seem quite low, but they fit absolutely fine on my Astra with no scrubbage whatsoever - and that was with 3 people in the back, a freezer in the boot and some -20mm rear springs :p
Plenty of clearance on front and rear arches for Astra F's - Corsa's and Nova's need not apply unless you fancy swopping the tyres and having the rear faces milled to a smaller offset :D

Due to the fact that they are slightly buckled, I am asking for £120 for this set of wheels - and will even throw in a set of Mountney locking wheel nuts.


The price once again: £120.

I will deliver for petrol costs (inc. return journey) - will not be able to deliver next week, although collection will be possible if I can sort out a new set of wheels!
Located in Birmingham: 3 miles from M42 Hopwood Services, 4 Miles from M5 J.5 (Longbridge/Rubery)
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