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this add dont paint a pretty picture

GEEK. i might try it at some point :lol:
wow what a shed lol how many bad points can she list lol its a shame as bet if someone put a load of money into it it would actually be a nice car
thats abit harsh to call her a **** wot a nob she has been honest and said all bad points theres no need to call her a **** because she declined his offer wot a ***ing **** and that proberly comes from a person that dosent have kids
jeez, as i have 3 kids myself i can understand the sellers grief, if it was me i'd kick his a$$ for sayin $hit like that, she says she's gettin offers around 300, must be worth at least 4-450 just to fix and bring back to life even if its to sell on for a profit
Ive told her to put up for sale on here as she not grief for having 3 kids. Pretty pathetic ebayer to say that.
What a **** head why insult her, firstly with the **** take offer then when she declines it people like that should be barred from the net, just on there to be a ****..

On another not thats not far from me, if only i wernt skint..:doh:
that has to be the most confusing ebay ad ever !!!!!

although i would buy it purely to break but not @ £ 600

maybe if i won the lotto :)
that matey needs a slap there good cars and that wont take much to sort i reckon i could fix it for 200 and have change left over
LOL yeah your a real hard worker by the looks of your car hahah , you idiot , £20 will buy me a full one of them heaps of crap , good look getting it scrapped !!! - noob , i bet its an embarrasment driving that :)

that matey so needs a massive slap just for saying that ^ let alone
I agree with all of you.I have seen add's alot worse than this,although not by much.
The prat that gave her all that grieve sounds like he knows nothing about Mk3's.As why esle would he be so nasty
sounds like someone she probably don't get on with, but still bang out of order. As for the add, she's being honest an tbh i would rather go for a car like that, with an honest description, than one that paints it golden.

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