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Tidying Up.


Jun 8, 2005
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Right, so you've all seen pics of my beauty - but what they tend not to highlight, is the massive amount of dents on the ******* thing!

Upon looking today, i'm sure there has been a midget with a cloth covered hammer battering my door!

Not sure if they can all be popped out, so a new passenger door may be on the cards (likely anyway as there is damage around the handle thanks to a break-in with a previous owner).

Dents in roof need to be rectified, along with the early signs of corroding arches and the fact that the back end is bent...lmao

So basically - it's going to be ripped apart, straightened out and sprayed up in the standard poverty blue, just to keep it sleeperish :D

Am I just being daft, is it worth throwing cash at a 'runaround' I bought for £300?

Mine's the same.. A mate thought it'd be great to reverse into my side (one minor unnoticeable dent in door)
And aftr my crash, front n/s corner is still not perfect :evil: bit of rust on the wing too. Slam panel is not all straight, and need new grill. Oh well.
GSi grills are only phase 1 ..

I have ph2 headlights.
you could try companies like "Dent man" to straighten all the dents out. they can get 99% of dents without having to do any painting - and there mobile :D

Rob - ive got a set of phase 1 astra headlights in the garage if your after a set ??
phase 2 gsi's used phase 1 headlights and the phase 1 grill.

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