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Tintins Mk3oc top fella award goes to

Jul 15, 2007
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South Coast
rick151081 for being a top bloke, sending me two door looms at his cost and even chasing up the Post Office when they couldn't be bothered to send them. They arrived today, perfect i must say:beer:

With the kind approach from Rick and help i received from all lately i'm even going to give in and pay up for membership. Not that i'll use it for any more than the sticker i doubt but its nice to know that i'll be contributing to the community.

Thanks all :beer::beer::beer:
no problem mate just glad you got them its all about helping others out if i can this site has helped me loads
come on mark get paid up you tight git, just be tight at billing ;)
kev likes them tight. nice to see members helping others out
Well done rick this is wot this forum is all about :)

Well done rick, good to see there is another good person out there willing to bend over backwards to help out another human being!!

And also well done for getting tintin to pay his membership after 3 years :lol:

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