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Toad Ai606 Alarm

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Apr 4, 2009
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alright guys
the alarm is cat1 i have been led to believe, it is with me exactly as i got it of the last seller, so comes with the siren, sensitivty control box thing (not sure what to call it), x1 car fob, ultra sonic sensor, and LED dash light.
Not fitted it myself but was assured by the last seller on here it works fine, he also provided as much off the loom as possible (standard and astra f) for refitting into another car.
there are no instructions but have found a fitting thread for a mk1 golf gti but im sure with some intelagence it can be used to help fit into anpther car, in the thread is also pictures of the original instructions that would be provided with the alarm.

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Dont suppose you could link me to the fitting guide for the golf could you mate, as i have one in the same state to fit to mine.

Thanks, Rich.:beer:
If any use to anyone I cam email them full wiring destructions, copies of the user manuals, and have the switch postions for anyone who has got thier 4 figure code number that came with the alarm.
Just pm me if needed.
im sure this is a cat 1 mate :cool:
thought it was only cat1 if it had the imobilser aswell? wereas this is just the alarm??
hmmm either way people could be a cat1 for use here :)
thank-you to everyone suplying input!
my toad ai606 has an immob mate :beer:
it should have immob built in iirc. mines also a toad ai606 with immob ;)
just posted the link to it to someone on png as they're after one, hope it sells for u dude
well start off with that link i've posted that will tell you what wires do what label them all up in plain english accordingly then tackle them as you go the main thing to get wired in for the alarm part to work is the central locking (pretty sure it's negative trigger locking), the pins that trip the alarm and the ignition wires


wire up the flashing indicator wires the to the hazard switch wires, fit the horn in the engine bay up the top somewhere away from prying arms getting under the car and also a fit a pin switch for the bonnet

the wiring for the central locking is all under the drivers kick panel, a good place to hide the box of the alarm i found was in the passenger footwell under the carpet and cut into the foam (wrap it up in something because water can get to here and you dont want it ****ing up your alarm) wire up your main trip switch to the interior light and have two separate ones for the bonnet and boot the power supply can be got from anywhere thats constantly live but i personally wired it to the battery

it will take a good week of on/off working to get it done and all fitted back together, make sure you have any instructions printed off and in the car with you every step of the way if you get into trouble gimme a pm and i'll see if i can help you with it :beer:
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