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When i did my beetle i used G3, trick is to keep it wet. basically with a cutting agent (Tcut or anything stronger) its best to put it on with a damp cloth, with stronger abrasives more water is needed. That said, a friend of mines dad had a mk2 cortina he tcutted and polished every week or so, he managed to get through to primer and even bare metal on the edge of the panels, so its worth being careful.

Meguiars is one of the best paint restorers/polish around, so i would say that was a good idea. I normally use auto glym, but only cos i get it dirt cheap lol.
I have access to a Megs G220. Its a good bit of kit. Yes you can burn through the paint, but that usually happens with a rotary polisher. The G220 is a Dual action polisher, so goes in ovals rather than circles to help eliminate damage.

If you keep the polisher in the same spot for a while when using a really course pad or compound then obviously burning through is more likely.

Are you looking to remove swirls and scratches? If so the G220 will do the trick. Ive not used the products shown there but i used Sonus SFX-1 Paint restorer Did a very good job on my car. Also worked well on bringing flame red back from pink.

Take your time with it and you should be fine, or buy a wing or panel from a scrappy and practice and get the feel for it first.
im looking to give it a nice shine and remove a couple of small swirls and scratches

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