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vauxhall gearboxes

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Mar 18, 2010
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Gearbox clearout ( all front wheel drive vaux)

got a few gearboxes laying around after a few engine changes / conversions .......

f10 5 speed from mk3 astra 1.4 £ 20

f 15 5 speed from mk3 astra td ( gm low blow) £20

f18 5 speed from a cav 2.0 16 v ( one cdx , one sri ) £20

f18w 5 speed from cavalier td ( has a diff whine but good for spares /parts £15

good boxes that i have driven before removal

the cav td box with the diff whine would be usefull to strip down and use the wide ratio 5 th

f15 can be supplied with clutch and flywheel for a fee for use with 2 litre corsa / nova or astra conversions

all gearboxes are in luton , bedfordshire

can deliver for a fee
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