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vectra gsi seats in a mk3?

check reno's diary for recent pics. I belive there is an amount of welding that needs to be done to fit the sub frames
i dont think they are mate, think they are only partially electric
wouldnt bother with the electrics personally. just want the astra frames welded to the vectra base on the seats. they are very firm and nice. deffo worth doing them
they do tilt even though they are from a vectra.
do you have a set of these seats? mine tilt. theres a little handle both sides of the seats... look harder
lol its ok, sorry for being ****ty in my reply, left work in a bad mood LOL

the seats recline back and forward. same as normal seats using the round ****s. and also tilt forwards to let passangers out the rear. even though vectras are 5doors, they are recaros and i think its just a standard feature on all of them

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