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vectra part wanted..

Jun 17, 2005
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i know its a astra club but noticed a couple people have been breaking veccys of late so thought it were worth asking..

im after a black plastic radiator cover, normally found on cdx models. must be suitable for v6.

let me know if youve got one ;)

ta very much

ive arrowed the three sections that i need, also require the rad brackets and the screws that hold the cover ;)

yellow arrows optional? :lol:

they aint cheap :o


a omega one fit as there cheaper?
Will check when i actually pick the car up :D
i need the three pieces of plastic, and the brackets/screws.

kev you can get em brand new from vaux for about £35 all in ;)

note the difference between the centre pieces (ones shorter) ones for a 2.0 and ones for a v6. need to be sure that its deffo going to fit the v6 ;)

also you can see in the above pic the brackets that i also require :)
no probs dan ;)
that would be great, thanks dan :beer:
bump ;)

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