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Wanted: X20Xev/X18Xe Engine loom

Mar 19, 2007
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As above need this as close to Northampton as possible so i can pick it up before the weekend > please post where you are and a price :becky:

turns out the loom is actually fine, think its the ecu but bit confused as to what engine i actually have now cos it doesnt have an egr but it does have the wiring for it :S was out of a n reg sport

i reckon i might have blown the ecu as it was an 'rv' code which would be looking for an egr signal but as above i dont have one.
oi popeye ring me i have ecu transponder and chip key from c25xe old one ring me if want it? xxxx
deanbert, rang you earlier but will try again after work.

pdc, do you have an ecu available then or just loom?
i have an ecu for an x20xev, 1996 if your interested? also have the engine loom but i have had to cut a few clips off but these can be sourced from a scrappy, i could even do it and join them back on for you?
got a complete 1.8xel here mate with everything to run so can sort you llom , ecu and chips from keys if thats any good to you mate?

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