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west mids march meet

May 27, 2008
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telford, shropshire
well already planning our next meet guys and think it would be nice to have a meet down by the river again at the woodbridge inn as we aint been there for a while and used to be our regular meeting place, als with it being a good place for pics ect and i think the pub staff are becoming familiar with us now :lol:

i will be meeting a few poeple at the telford services on the M54 too, so if you fancy convoying with us i will be there at 11.15 and leaving there around 11.30 :)
(and driving very slow so i don,t loose any one ), edited by wayne1 :lol:

so. . . .

place: woodbridge inn, ironbridge, TF8 7JF

Date: 28th March 2010

Time: 12pm eating about 1pm

Names down and if you could state if your eating that would be great

1.turbojay (eating)
2. wayne1 & wife (eating)
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nice one jay
defo be coming to this and should be a regular face at most meets now. should be in astra if its still one the road then as should be doing the engine swap next month funds permitting

1. turbojay (eating)
2. wayne1 & wife (eating)
3. Justg (eating)
4. astra-paul +1 (eating)
mailbox the weekend it is then anyone else coming :lol:
Put me down provisionally, returning from the United States the week before so, not sure what funds are gonna be like
1. turbojay (eating)
2. wayne1 & wife (eating)
3. Justg (eating)
4. astra-paul +1 (eating)
5. Turboshed (eating)

And if its worth anything, wanna meet up Justg at the Mile End services, then head up together?

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