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What a day

Aug 15, 2005
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Well today had my 'Team Building' day with work. We went to Wilton Mill near Northampton. I arrived an hour late :tape: as i over slept and the rest of my department were all ready out on the Go-Karts. I arrived got suited up then joined in the Karting fun. We each had 6 heats I won 5 of mine and came third in the other as i got knocked into a spin :lol:.

This meant i got through to the semi final which i won with ease (2 secs a lap quicker than my closest rival). Then the final came, was a bit closer, but by the last lap again i was 4 secs ahead of second place. I won overall and also got the fastest lap of the day with 38.47 sec.

The rest of the day was spent doing various other activities such as quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, house building and some strange motivational challenge thing.

All in all was a very good day, but I'm at work now :( and i'm bloddy knackered :lol:
bloody hell he cheats at karting all over the place chris not the only one that cheats then i think you came last are and making all this up :laugh:
Was speaking to them about going there soon actually, got a load of info off them so we can get on the proper track, not the piddly one
your lucky lol
my team building at work was climbing a mountain in the lake district
i thought i was gonna die that weekend lol
Gonna beat that alex, our team building exercise consisted of....................lego building in teams. wooooooooooooooooow






some pics of my team building, i can honestly say that they were the hardest 2 days of my life
well today i sat on my arse and did nothing apart from 2 pain in the arse set ups :(

good day then mate :)
if my boss said to me, "dig oot yer wellies we're going to climb a mountain a paddle in a canoe for 2 days for team activities" my response would be "i quit"
he needs it lol

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