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what alloys?

Jun 17, 2005
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what alloys suit mk3 astra? ive currently got wolfrace ikon plus 17"s.
was wanting to get some newer ones but not sure what to go for.
any pics/prices on what looks good? ;)
what about these??
what are the offset etc?

theres no way you can tell the offset from a picture

offset is ET and a following number, its the distance between the edge of the rim (inside i believe) and the end of the wheel where it joins to the hub, you want between 45 and 49 ideally. Only way to see if alloys come in the right offset is ask the manufacteurs/distributors or check the spec lists.

From experience if your looking for 18's 4x100 pcd and a vaux friendly offset your choices are limited to say the least as alot of wheel manufactuers dont the right offset (such as O.Z, Toora, most designs of Avez, etc)
Reece said:
theres no way you can tell the offset from a picture

i knew u cant tell by pic ;)
but i didnt know if anyone knows about this set or has them, :)
5-spokes will almost always suit an astra ... 17" is ideal, although 16" is okay, and 18" is (just) feasible (assuming you don't mind the tyre prices ;))

If not, then multi-spokes are good.
Chrome wheels don't suit Astras very well I reckon.

I'd go for some Compomotive MO's, or the 5-spoke Lenso's that Dogsy has, or those nice 5-spoke Pro-Race or something, by Team Dynamic

All in anthracite or black of course ;)

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