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what are you into away from cars ??

Jun 13, 2005
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as above - what do you do when your not messing with cars ?? any other hobbies or clubs you do ??

im into shooting, target and hunting. also learning to play the guitar at the moment, mrs isnt too happy about the noise but im getting better :lol:
Ooo drumming!

And mountain biking.

And controlling you all hahaaaaa

And generally mincing.. and more practicing mincing. And some more.
between cars and the missus i dont have time for anything else really
Reece said:
between cars and the missus i dont have time for anything else really

Same here, but minus the anchor round the right leg :lol:
bloody hell Lee that thing flies !! never realised they were that quick, think i may be investing in a new toy !!
take it up the 1/4mile next time too hehe would be cool!
I love building dioramas of things.

Currently i'm collecting 160th scale american trains and stuff to build a huge model of Pittsburgh and its railroad in the 80's/90's, dont ask why just wanted to after going there.

Think i have my work cut out :?

looks nuts! nice one
other than cars i like spending time with my kids , thats when im not working, im a dodgy double glazing salesman by the way, anyone want a quote for windows and doors
well seen as tho my mrs lives in guildford and me in chester - i live in the car lol :)

spare time!! looking for new job and house down south, music, photograhy and planning to take over the world :D

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