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which brakes ??

Jun 13, 2005
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upgrading brakes (aswell) in the next few weeks - any suggestions ??

dont really want to go for a bigger brake kit, just want to uprate my discs and pads. im also getting braided brake lines and having the fluid changed.

cheers, Mark
What you got at the moment?

From what we can tell, them fleabay discs seem okay. And Mintex pads seem to get best reviews :)
got the standard gsi setup on it now, but got a sticking caliper so figured while its off i may as well replace the whole setup.

not too sure if i'd trust brakes from ebay, with them being about the most important thing on the car i'd prefer to buy from a reputable shop so that if i do survive the crash due to dodgy parts i can go and kick the **** out of a person instead of sending a violent email :twisted:

Droped it 40mm, needs ran in tho! defo not sitting right atm!

Also put the new disks on as you can see
You driven it yet?

Noticed better handling?
How about braking?
EasyRiderRob said:
You driven it yet?

Noticed better handling?
How about braking?

I cant answer any off them till saturday morning (going for my MOT) i dont have tax or insurance atm, It feels firm tho. I changed the pads too though
a good cheap upgrade is the 288mm set up from a vectra 2.0l or 2.5 v6.

get the discks redrilled at a local engineering shop for around £10 the pair use the old disc as a pattern.

went from 256mm to 288mm with standered pads and disks well worth the money.
288mm set up will fit behind most 15" alloys or bigger.

new upgraded to 48 grooved discs and green stuff pads.

standerd 256mm set up behind 17" alloys.

288mm setup behind 17" alloys.


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