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Window Tints - The Law


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May 25, 2009
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Southampton :D
I have recently been looking at tinting my cars windows LEGALLY, now the law on this is very unknown and I have seen several questions on it over the past couple years. When all it takes is a quick google to get the answer.

So thought that I would share it all with you. Now the fronts are the main issue, because they're the ones that need to have the lighter tints for legal reasons, but how much light must they let through to be legal?

The answer is quite simple really, 75% of light must get through the front windows in order to be legal, which means that the MAXIMUM tints your able to apply to the front windows it a 25% tint.

however, even with this you need to be careful, testing equipment is available however it is expensive so not always supplied. It has been stated by VOSA that should the person inspecting (lets face it, your bound to get pulled over if your on or even NEAR the limit) consider the tints to be too dark then you can be handed a immediate prohibition order meaning that your car cannot move under its own power until the tints have been removed, and failure to remove the tints can result in prosecution and up to a £2000.00 fine! Obviously should the manufacturer state that they have sold a 20% tint then you can fight this later in court.

From the article that I have found (link below) it states that 75% light transmission is legal, Between 30% and 45% is considered illegal but not pose an immediate risk, so a delayed prohibition order is made, below 30% then it poses an immediate risk and your handed a prohibition order meaning that your car cannot move under its own power until the tints are removed. Failure to act on the order will result in the fine mentioned above and prosecution.

So, to summarize, Fit 20% tints on the front, this way you have 5% le-way should the makers have messed it up a small amount. If the testing equipment isn't available and the tester has done it by eye DONT argue with them, remember that showing VOSA and police respect will mean they dont give you such a hard time (they're not going to let you off, but they wont take you through the mill on it!). Personally I would accept the delayed prohibition order and when reporting to the test centre make them test it with the required equipment and if it fails that remove the tint. Then go mental at the makers of the tint!!

This information is based on this article: http://www.carkeys.co.uk/features/everything_else/2276.asp the information may not be correct and I hold no responsibility should this be the case! In order to clarify or if you have any concerns contact the VOSA or visit the local VOSA centre.


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Apr 24, 2009
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At the bottom of all the windows (on higher speced astra's with the darker glass) it says min light transmission 70%. Suggesting they are already tinted as Alex says.
Nov 18, 2008
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i just tint them any way and sod the law the law is full of **** a copper pulled me told me to take them out i said get tossed. They say when parking your vehicle make sure nothing is visible and i told the copper that. They was down whilst driving there for its no problem had three fines 30 quid each on the last 1 the copper being a copper and good for f**kall said remove them i said no he said right then ill give you a fine and three points. felt like smashing him in the face but i took it to court myself anyway turns out in court it wasnt a pointable offence i ended up with another 30 pound fine and court costs well worth it to drive past him again tho ill giv him 30 pound everytime they stop me.after all its not every day you get stopped just drive safe we em
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