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work! :(


Jun 6, 2005
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Iv got work today at 2 to 10:30 man i hate bodyshops :lol: Dont anyone else get fed up looking at dam cars????
Inchcape Automotive in Islip (northamptonshire) huge company, have massive contracts with Hbos and avis. Drive almost everycar you see on the road, and some that you wish you could own :lol:

EDIT: Ah well off to work :roll:
id love to have a job working with cars if i wasnt in so much debt i would go back to collage and try and do somthing with my life
Inchcape - they've just bought out the Road Range Mercedes group up here in the NW, rumoured to be a deal worth over £60 MILLION :shock:

used to love working in the bodyshop aswell untill the arse fell out of the job and insurance companies started paying £9 PH instead of the £20 PH i was on :evil: now do mobile car body repair, money isnt perfect but its good enough and i get a company vehicle, plus i dont see the same 4 walls every day !!
Yeah they turn over 1billion a year mate. Massive company!!

Today they would of made around 40k on body repairs. and prob a million on car sales if not more ;)

I work in quality control, so i know a good paint finish when i see one :lol:
i work for bt broadband i ******* HATE it :(

paul want to get me a quote on spreying my roof ;) flame red :) ta bud :D

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