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X18XE non starter - fault codes inside!!!

Mar 19, 2007
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Right then, put an x18xe in a few weeks ago and after a bit of fiddling (plugging crank and casm in the right way round lol) i got her going, was running a bit dodgy but my mate paul pointed out that the egr had been removed and there was a loose breather. After blocking this she was running very well!

However she was flashing up the following codes at the time but as it was running i kept putting back buying the sensors..

Codes were as follows:
19 - crank sensor - incorrect signal (pretty sure this is meant to come on when engine isnt running)
92 - camshaft sensor - incorrect signal

Then a couple of weeks ago i couldnt start her on a cold morning. Was turning over but not catching on at all.

Flashed the codes and got all this:
Codes are as follows:
12 - initiation
19 - crank sensor - incorrect signal (pretty sure this is meant to come on when engine isnt running)
21 - throttle position sensor - high voltage
56 - idle speed control valve - short to earth
62 - fuel tank vent valve - high voltage
71 - air temperature sensor - high voltage
92 - camshaft sensor - incorrect sensor
94 - hall effect - high vvoltage

So i thought this was a bit strange but first tried a new cam sensor as per the old codes. This made no difference.

since then i've had the loom off and tested every circuit thinking it might be an earth fault, all was fine according to the haynes wiring diagram. I've also now put a brand new crank sensor on it but still having same problems.

Strangest part is that ive got spark on all four cylinder and the plugs come out wet?!?

Anyone got any ideas?


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