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  1. M

    Vauxhall astra F 2.0L 20SEH shuddering / Jerking

    Hi there, I have a vauxhall astra F 2.0L it has a 20SEH engine, please can someone tell me why when I put the car in first gear and I pull off the car like shudders / jerking ?? I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me what I need to check or replace on the car I dont have any orange...
  2. nige-p

    My mk3 astra 1994

    Hi guys just thought seen as iam a new member i would post up some pics of my car for you guys the only pics ive got our the ones from before my engine conversion and of my conversion when i actually get a day off i will have to wash it and put up a more recent picture saying that not much has...