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fuel economy

  1. N

    Arctic 1.6 16V Auto Fuel Consumtion

    Arctic 1.6 16V Auto Fuel Consumption What sort of fuel consumtion should I expect from this car? We rarely get more than 28 to 30 MPG except on a good run when it might manage 33 MPG. I am not heavy footed, and we actually get better fuel consumtion form our 2.5 V6 Omega! The Astra seems...
  2. onlygreg

    Seriously bad mpg on a Ph2 1.4

    Worked out I'm doing about 25mpg on my 1.4. I always knew it was bad from the amount I spend on petrol but this is ridiculous. What can I look at to improve it. Also I have my MOT coming up.... Will this mean it fails on emissions???