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  1. Alex

    MK3OC Calendar Cover Vote - The Decider

    Following on from the previous vote (http://www.mk3oc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52290) we had a 3 way tie for the cover. So this poll is here to decide this, the poll is only open for 24 hours and is only between those 3, so hopefully we can decide the cover. Number 1 Number 2...
  2. Alex

    MK3OC Calender Cover Vote

    Right then guys and gals After lots of deliberation we have chosen the final 13, so what we need now is for you guys to vote on who gets to be on the cover. Voting will close on monday at 23:42 :lol: So look below to see what picture you want to vote for and make a note of the...
  3. Alex

    MK3OC National Rolling Road Day

    Don't forget to vote for where and when you would prefer our Rolling Road Day to be this year. Where?: http://www.mk3oc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40515 When?: http://www.mk3oc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40516 Thanks MK3OC Admin
  4. Alex

    MK3OC Rolling Road Day 2009: When?

    Right another poll this time to decide what month we would all prefer, this is a multiple choice poll, we will try and get the most popular month, this poll will also close on the 31st March
  5. Alex

    MK3OC Rolling Road Day Location 2009

    Right early in the year i know, but want to get it all arranged as early as i can :lol: Options are: 1. Northampton Motorsport - We've been here twice before, always had a good service from them. Located in Northampton. 2. Awesome GTi - These have a very good reputation for rolling road...
  6. Alex

    MK3OC Rolling Road Day

    Right after not hearing anything back from Courtneys. I've booked us in with Jamsport in Northampton, they're really good guys and have a very good reputation. Where? JamSport 22 Tweed Rd, Weedon Rd Ind Est, Northampton NN5 5AJ When? Saturday October 4th 2008 @ 9am Cost...