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  1. Aber-Astra

    Any1 wanna buy a car?

    Getting well and truly ****ed off lately, with putting her through the MOT and the cost involved in that, today i've gone and cracked my GSi bumper :/ doesnt sound like much but i'm just fed up of it now. On a plus side though it has motivated me to finish doing my smoothed front bumper...
  2. Aber-Astra

    7"x15" Avalini Design Alloy Wheels

    as title, a set of 4, 7"x15" Avalini Design alloy wheels, think they are the "Formula" model, et37, 4x100 PCD, finished in Gunmetal, no tyres wheels 1 + 2 wheels 3 + 4 some kerbing so could probably use a refurb but not the worst wheels ive seen for sale, and a small dent in the lip...
  3. Neve'o

    DVD's some 18+ (not rude!)

    Having a clear out and found some DVD's which have not been watched in a while! American Pie The Wedding - £3 Frontiers - £3 PROV SOLD Welcome To The Jungle - £3 Blade 2 - £3 Saw 3 - £3 The Host - £3 PROV SOLD Fantastic 4 - £3 The Entity - £3 Black Hawk Down - £3 Mr Woodcock -£3...