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  1. Varnis9

    My astra C20XE conversion project

    Hi all I always wanted to start my own diary of my astra c20xe conversion. I have been restoring the car since 2017 (!!) when I came back to Cyprus from the UK and finally got a c20xe in my hands. We had the car in the family since 1997, basically from new, and I have always taken good care of...
  2. Z

    Another (Different) Mk3 Newb

    Good Day All, As much as I would love to slap a supercharger or a turbo onto the engine and have a surge in power I know this is a near impossible task (Having done some research) without a lot of time and effort. I would appreciate some advice on the best areas (notorious faults) within the...
  3. Darren Merrett


    Help if possible need front legs for my astra mk3 gsi phase 2 please thanks in advance
  4. Andy_Mk3

    Mk3 - 5 Years in Barn

    Greetings everyone, I'm new here! I'll briefly introduce myself first, I'm Andy, I'm 15 years old (16 in May), and I quite simply love cars and working on them. Especially trying to get them going again. So when I found out about an Astra that had been stored in a barn for 5 years, I jumped...
  5. Alex

    Alex's Gold LET Astra

    This is how i bought my astra, this was taken at PV last year This is how it looks at the moment. This was taken at the MK3OC rolling road day I have got a Reiger Front and rear bumper to go on, the wheels are being refurbed and sprayed soon, bonnet is being sprayed, i am gettin...
  6. C

    Progress of My GSI

    Progress of My GSI to C20 LET Power The first post is also posted in "Your rides" I am gonna do this backwards, as the Car I am told has had £1000`s of pounds spent on it with Dynatec in Reading ATM I just know that the car has lowered suspension, Drilled rear disks, an OMP strut brace...