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Jul 17, 2005
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When you post a car please follow theses simple rules...

*Include a full description of car, including make model, year, etc
*Try to include a pic, if you cant host the pic try www.imageshack.us or upload it to our server below
*Ensure you state where the car is located
*Tax & MOT
*Must have V5 by law
*Good and bad points
*And be honest
* Please only advertise cars for sale which are yours, or owner has asked you directly to advertise on his or her behalf.

You may if you feel the need to include the reg number and contact numbers, Theses are left at the users own risk. (Reg numbers should only be used for checking the cars background)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email/pm any of the mods or admins, Or post your concerns in the help forum

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